Healthy veterans are...

  • Disciplined

  • Hard workers

  • Good employees

  • Respect authority

  • Ready & resilient

  • Good leaders & followers

  • Serve others

  • Good role models

  • Possess valuable skills

  • Understand racial equality

  • Contribute to American greatness


many of our veterans are not healthy.

Vietnam Wall:  58,220
Veteran Suicides
Last decade alone

Source: U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Tragic Outcomes


  • Up to 20% (about half-a-million) who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom have PTSD.​ 


  • 20+ veterans kill themselves every day in America – 7,300 in 2017 alone.

  • 325 active-duty members took their lives in 2018, the highest number since 2001 when tracking began. 

  • In 2019, 100 USAF Airmen have taken their lives (as of Sept. 21), a 62% increase over 2018.


  • 40,056 veterans are homeless on any given night.​ 


  • 80% divorce rate for combat veteran families.


  • More than 20% of vets with PTSD also have a  drug or alcohol addiction.



  • 2.1 million vets (half of those in need) received mental health treatment from the VA between 2006 & 2010.

Struggle In Silence

Many veterans have seen things none of us ever want to see and often come home to find themselves in harm's way again fighting a new enemy. 


The VA is working hard to improve the mental health service they provide, but more must be done.


 We must eradicate the epidemic of veteran suicide.

Our country needs the National Center for Healthy Veterans to alleviate the behavioral and mental health challenges our veterans face. The NCHV is a comprehensive solution that leverages private sector resources, expertise and proven faith-based solutions.


Today, approximately 22 veterans will lose hope and take their own lives. 


Donate today to the National Center for Healthy Veterans and make an immediate impact so we can return healthy veterans to America.


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