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The new report by Expert Market Research titled, ‘Global Palm Vein Scanner Market Report and Forecast 2022-2027’, gives an in-depth analysis of the global Palm Vein Scanner Market, assessing the market based on its segments like products, offerings, functionalities, authentications, applications, end-users, and major regions. The report tracks the latest trends in the industry and studies their impact on the overall market. The increasing adoption of palm vein scanner in the healthcare industry is driving the market growth. This can be attributed to the fact that the pattern of palm veins can be directly linked to the medical history of patients and can facilitate quick procurement of all the necessary information. The major players in the market are M2SYS Technology, Fujitsu Limited, Recogtech BV, NEC Corporation, mofiria Corporation, and ePortation, Inc, among others. Expert Market Research leverages its state-of-the-art technological and analytical tools, along with the expertise of its highly skilled team of over 100 analysts and more than 3000 consultants, to help its clients, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to small and medium sized enterprises.

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