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Our Innovative Program
Profile of Those We Serve

The National Center for Healthy Veterans serves at-risk veterans who are willing to invest a year at Valor Farm for a “reset and restart”. We expect them to commit to change, be willing to work toward re-optimizing their daily performance, and to restore family and other relationships. Our Veterans must be able to live, learn, work, and train in a rural farm environment.


Patriots are selected through a thorough referral and application process which matches their needs with NCHV programs and resources.   


The National Center for Healthy Veterans takes a faith-based, holistic approach to “Returning Healthy Veterans to America” in the natural healing environment of Valor Farm near Altavista, Virginia. Our Patriots live and perform dignified work in community while participating in resilience, trauma recovery, and career preparation programs. We leverage an ecosystem of empirically based and technology enabled residential, virtual, and conference programs which support Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Relational healing for America’s Veterans and their families.  

One-Year Residential Program

The one-year residential program is a golden opportunity to “get unstuck,” to move past trauma and transition challenges into a lifetime of personal and professional contribution and success.  After a significant month of orientation and assessment, Valor Farm “Patriots” move through three 12 week “trimesters” which sequentially focus on resilience, trauma recovery, and career preparation. Concurrently Patriots take electives based on personal needs and interests -- ranging across equine therapy, financial literacy, family relationships, topical Bible studies, nutrition, sleep management, pain management, and many others.  Assisted by mentors, each Patriot constructs a Personal Development Plan which tracks individual goals and progress.  The desired outcomes from the community living, dignified work, technical training, and overall wellness culture include successful professional transition, healthy work-life balance, wholesome family relationships, expanded inner resources including a relevant faith, positive contribution to society, and service as a mentor to others.  The NCHV will continue to be a resource and encouragement to our Patriot graduates.

During their time at Valor Farm, Patriots live in individual tiny homes (or a larger family tiny home) within a Patriot Community Village.  Each village consists of 20 tiny homes and a Village Community Center where Patriots cook and share meals, enjoy fitness and recreational activities, participate in classes and special events, and grow stronger together.  As well, Patriots together engage in meaningful work on the farm (or in the local community) which is aligned with their interests and capabilities.

The Patriot Acceptance Process

Due to increasing tiny home availability, NCHV is now accepting applications for additional Patriots in our one-year residential program.    I encourage you to identify Veterans who would benefit from our program.  The process begins with referral from a trusted private or government entity, followed by an application (including background checks) which the NCHV Client Care Council reviews to make a final acceptance determination, or refer the individual to an organization better suited to meet their particular needs.  Currently, we do not accept Veterans with active addictions, and make Veteran specific acceptance determinations based on other behavioral and mental health histories.

We are happy to receive your application. Our Patriot Program team will review it and contact you as quickly as possible. Please fill out the form below or email: to begin.  Our team will send Referral documentation to you, and an application form to your referred Veteran.

To Refer or Apply

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