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Return Healthy Veterans To America

Our veterans have pledged their lives for our freedom, security, and prosperity. Healthy veterans are productive members of society, good employees, and positive role models, but not all of our veterans are healthy.


More veterans have committed suicide in the past 10 years than the number of combat deaths in the Vietnam War. Our veterans need America, and America needs healthy veterans.


The National Center for Healthy Veterans is a comprehensive scalable solution and a unique strategic initiative that will have national impact and

Return Healthy Veterans to America.


Untapped Treasure

Healthy veterans are:

  • Ready & resilient

  • Lead & follow well

  • Good employees

  • Disciplined & responsible

  • Inspiring role models

  • Upstanding citizens

  • Serve the community

  • Understand racial equality

  • Contribute to American greatness

Care for our veterans is an American
moral and practical imperative.

Veteran Needs

After serving and sacrificing, veterans often struggle in silence.  PTSD remains a serious health issue and suicide rates remain tragically high. Despite millions of dollars and best efforts, we must do better on behalf of America's veterans.


Patriot Programs

Faith makes a difference. Faith-based recovery programs can achieve a rapid impact on the most prevalent veteran mental and behavioral health issues.

The National Center for Healthy Veterans will focus on best practice, faith-based, empirically driven programs & protocols to create a model for national implementation.


About Valor Farm

The National Center for Healthy Veterans is a unique combination of:

  • Natural healing environment

  • state-of-the-art technologies

  • proven faith-based recovery programs

  • power of veterans in community



Stone Ridge Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is the governing body for the National Center for Healthy Veterans. The foundation is comprised of an experienced team with the passion and experience you would expect for such an undertaking.  


Today, approximately 22 veterans will lose hope and take their own lives. 


Donate today to the
National Center for Healthy Veterans and make an immediate impact so we can Return Healthy Veterans to America.

TEXT TO GIVE: Text "NCHV" to 719-445-8383



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